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The Morning Brew this Week

The plot is thickening: Kenya is getting ready to fully switch on campaign mode as election year is slowly but surely creeping up on us. 2022 is the year and the country is in a mix of actions (and reactions) where politicians are not leaving any opportunity to snag that mic and deliver a sermon.
The Morning Brew this Week

The Roundup:

The plot is thickening: Kenya is getting ready to fully switch on campaign mode as election year is slowly but surely creeping up on us. 2022 is the year and the country is in a mix of actions (and reactions) where politicians are not leaving any opportunity to snag that mic and deliver a sermon. Even as we grapple a pandemic politicians want to ensure there is no confusion amongst the citizens as to where their loyalties should rely. It is a big pot of melting parties, some have just been formed while others are busy donning an all new look and feel. If the recently concluded Kiambaa elections were anything to go by then it looks like 2022 will be the most interesting election this country shall witness, and we pray it shall be as peaceful too.

The plot thickens when MPs and now High Court judges are getting arrested. On Friday Justices Aggrey Muchelule and Said Chitembwe were arrested on bribery allegations from their chambers which were ransacked. This move has caused panic and tension among fellow judges as the Senior Counsel Bar through Fred Ojiambo states, “when a judge’s confidence is shaken by such careless, reckless and draconian exercise of State power, it is a sure step towards lawless rule and autocracy which leads to anarchy. Their action must be deprecated and condemned regardless of what merit they may have.”

Friday witnessed yet another prominent arrest, that of MP Rigathi Gachagua who was picked up from his Nyeri home at 5am. Gachagua was not informed of the reason for his arrest at the time and spent the better part of Friday at the DCI Headquarters in Nairobi. He was later taken to Gigiri Police Station where he spent the weekend awaiting to appear in court on Monday. According to Gachagua he is being targeted due to his association with the Deputy President William Ruto who has openly declared he is vying for the Presidency come 2022. We are in a consistent reality show that doesn’t fail to deliver, the run up to the elections is one you can’t miss out on.

Fashion Goths, Shirtless and Oily at The 2021 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony: Did you ever in your wildest of imaginations think these words would be said together in one sentence? Welcome to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony. Okay let’s face it, this was also by far the most controversial edition of the Olympics that saw a number of different issues arise in the run up to the event. Toyota’s end minute withdrawal as the main sponsor of the event felt like the final straw yet all along psyche amongst Japanese was an all time low with only 20% of the population showing interest in the event.

The opening ceremony however proved to be quite a show of colour, grandeur and a drone lit sky. Naomi Osaka, tennis phenomenon, lit the Olympic cauldron which symbolises the official start of the Olympic Games. As the nation’s parade began viewers were served an extravagance of fashion and style tastes from all over the world. For starters, Japanese singer-songwriter Misia performed the Japanese national anthem in a fluffy, rainbow-coloured gown by designer Tom Koizumi. Dancers depicting Japanese carpenters were also stylish in their blue, white and re jackets adorned with traditional Japanese motifs. Other dancers dressed as fashionable goths represented one of the many style subcultures of Japan. Tonga stole the show with Pita Taufatofua, the well oiled, bare chested, traditional skirt wearing flag bearer. Enough said.

Ousted from the cool gang: The UNESCO committee held a meeting in China and as a result of a ballot decision one city lost its World Heritage status. The list that began in 1978 has been here for a minute and it’s a pretty cool gang to be a part of. There have been two other cities that have lost this status in the past, the first being Oman's Arabian Oryx Sanctuary in 2007 and the second Dresden Elbe Valley in Germany in 2009 and now Liverpool stands at number three in 2021. What it's only been 17 years, no big deal right?Looks like there's bound to be some detachment issues arising in the near future, as the mayor cites the decision as “incomprehensible”.

Liverpool is a port city in Northwest England and was known as a major trading centre during the British empire and has many architectural landmarks. Recent developments on the waterfront such as Liverpool Waters and the Everton stadium have been cited as reasons for the deletion. Although developers have taken all measures necessary to preserve the architectural sites and ensure no damage is done to deteriorate their conditions, the committee shared in a report that the developments caused "irreversible loss of attributes”.

Business Pulse:

Glovo’s Growing Reach: Glovo, the on demand delivery app, has added Thika and Kiambu towns to its growing list of operation centers. At present Glovo is available in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, Rongai, Ngong, and Kitengela. Priscilla Muhiu, Glovo’s General Manager for Kenya said, “Our expansion to Thika and Kiambu towns is part of Glovo’s strategic expansion in Kenya, we are excited to tap into the potential of those two towns.”

Rhino Charged: Despite the pandemic Kenya managed to hold two major successful sporting events this year, the most recent one being the 32nd Rhino Charge. Rhino Charge is a 4x4 competition held annually to raise funds for and support the activities of NGO Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust that aims at protecting and conserving Kenya’s mountain range eco-system. This year’s event was held in Baringo county with a low turnout of 500 spectators and 45 competitors. The collections were also considerably low; as the competition has previously hit the KES1.6 billion mark, this year they managed to pull out a reasonable KES140 million, not bad right. Remember we are still in a pandemic. Despite the low turnout the organisers had a cool-off party set-up as well atop Tugen Hills and a DJ to serve some beats. Another successful sporting event brought together in our scenic and beautiful country.

Money Pad:

Source: Central Bank Of Kenya










































Eid and Somali Cultural festival: Muslims across the globe and in Kenya celebrated Eid ul-Adha this past week. The Somali community came together for the first ever Arts and Culture fair dubbed Somali Cultural Festival at the Two Rivers mall to celebrate the Somali culture and heritage. It was a busy week as various cultural elements of the Somali culture and heritage were on show. The week long festival included concert performances by renowned Somali musicians including Xariir Ahmed, Khadar Keyow and Suldaab Seeraa, a football tournament and a special kid’s learning corner. In attendance were various leaders and businessmen from the community.

Fresh Press:

Naomi Osaka’s documentary is out, Catalyst’s Joy Kambura reviewed it and had this to share. What’s your take?

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