The Reason Why

This is the space where African women go to connect with the thoughts in their head on politics culture and entertainment.

There’s a voracious appetite for good content. We’re depending more heavily on screens to inform and entertain us.

In this environment, content is coming into its own, with media brands demonstrating a clearer understanding of how a well thought out content strategy can pay off.

News by The Catalyst, is a hard-hitting, no holds barred commentary platform on what women in Africa and the African diaspora are interested in. Stretching across themes in politics, culture and entertainment.

Driven by a style of reaching the modern, African woman in a hurry. Breaking down the most important analysis that you need to know to start your day. We are a product that integrates events in culture, politics, tech, and focuses on being an important part of African women’s daily calendars. We are a digital content company, breaking down key topics, bringing interviews with the people you need to know, and making you smarter throughout your day on everything from tax policies to how to fold a fitted sheet. All delivered through the routines that make up African women’s lives.

The definition of “African” for us, is people of African descent, both on and off the continent.

The voice and lens will always be African women speaking about themselves and to themselves, this is not about explaining “culture or identity” to a gaze. This platform is about intra-community storytelling and network building.

We produce smart, factual and entertaining content told in a no-holds-barred way with, for and by African women from all over the world.

African women have mostly been targeted by content that is centred on appealing to a gaze, that focuses on respectability politics, is exclusionary or outright violent in framing and approach.

This platform provides a space for authentic narratives focused on women’s needs and perspectives and for the authentic discovery of the self.

The News By The Catalyst Brand, is built around a simple proposition — deliver the clearest, smartest, most efficient and trustworthy experience for audiences and advertisers alike. After all, people face a growing challenge to keep pace with changes unfolding before them. Politics, business, culture, science and technology are in constant collision, creating new conflicts, new industries, new opportunities and new challenges in Africa and across the world.

The show talks to young Africans across the continent and diaspora aged 20-30 years old. These are people that are digitally savvy, interested and invested in connecting on digital platforms and consume a lot of their content on digital apps and streaming platforms.

We are…

Audience First

Data shows readers, viewers and listeners all want one thing in their news — content they can trust, delivered in an efficient and interesting manner that allows them to select how deep they want to dive into the information. Every piece of content we produce is broken down and narrated with the true expertise that tells our audience why it matters right away — summarised in several shareable elements. Our content moves seamlessly from our platform to other ecosystems (like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter) to meet the audience on their terms. We continue to expand the places our audience can easily access our content via our newsletters, our deep dives, website, podcasts and our YouTube channel.


Our audience is smart and always hungry to get even smarter, faster. We resist traffic-based assumptions to dumb things down and focus our efforts on pinpointing the reason the news matters to you. Your time is valuable, so we strive to sort through all of the noise to bring you substantive and meaningful content that is truly worthy of your time.

No Bullshit for Sale

The traditional forms of advertising — newspaper ads and expensive glossy native ads — are no longer effective. Pop-up ads are annoying. We offer a highly effective and impactful way to reach our growing audience with native advertising within our platform. We work with advertisers directly to ensure their investment has a measurable return. We constantly seek new ways to help advertisers reach their target without turning away our audience.

Excellence Always

We believe in distinguishing ourselves by delivering at a very high level on promises we make to news consumers, advertisers and subscribers. We believe success is simple: Think big, deliver big, and show authentic appreciation for those who support us.

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